Club MS - Details

(still under construction)

For our loyal clients who remain accident free and visit us at least once per year, we offer the following promotion:

Each calendar year, after your first rental, all subsequent rentals are charged as if you continued your rental. For example, if you rented a Honda Metropolitan for 1D at $85, the next time you rent for 1D, you only pay $75 (the price of the 2nd day in a 2D rental). If you rent for 1D a 3rd time, you pay $65 (the price of the 3rd day in a 3D rental), and so forth. If you rent hourly, each block of 9 hours will count as 1 day. So for example, if you rent for 4 hours one day, then 5 hours another day, and then you wish to rent for 1D, you will pay $75 instead of $85.

You must remain accident free (if you get into an accident that causes significant damage, you will forfeit your Club MS membership).