Commercial Rates - Details

Rates and Conditions

A commercial rental is defined as a rental by an individual or company that wishes to use it for a commercial purpose, often but not limited to, a photo or video production. Because of the higher risk involved in commercial rentals where the scooter is being transported by trailer, pickup truck, or cargo van to the production site, the driver(s) of the scooter being inexperienced or unknown, commercial rates add $40 to the cost of the daily rental. You may pick up the scooter anytime after 10h30, and return it at the same time the next day. For commercial rentals, we supply only our best looking scooters, which are washed and detailed immediately before the scheduled pickup time. You can also choose your scooter colour subject to availability. Finally, you may cover our branding with your own if you wish. Because of the reasons outlined above, there is no discount for multiple day rentals and no hourly rates available. You must pay the day rate even if you use the scooter for only a few hours.

Commercial Rentals Add the Following to a 1 Day Rental

  • Choice of scooter, subject to availability
  • Washing of the scooter before pickup
  • Help to load the scooter onto a trailer, pickup truck, or cargo van
  • Help to unload the scooter from a trailer, pickup truck, or cargo van
  • Adobe PDF receipt in the name of the individual or company


  • Honda Metropolitan - $130/day
  • Vespa LX 50 - $140/day
  • Vespa LX 150 - $150/day
  • Vespa GT 200L - $155/day
  • Vespa GTS 250 - $160/day

Damage Deposit

  • Honda Metropolitan - $1000
  • Vespa LX 50 - $2000
  • Vespa LX 150 - $2000
  • Vespa GT 200L - $2000
  • Vespa GTS 250 - $2000


  • The gas tank shall be full at the time of pickup.
  • If you are close to using the provided gas, and need more, you will need to refill the scooter with enough 91 octane gas to be able to return to the store.


Helmets are available for $5/day.


If you have special requirements that require modification of a scooter in any way (eg. remove windshield, front or rear baskets, etc), modifications are charged at $75/h, billable in 4 minute increments ($5 per 4 minutes).


If you wish to cover our branding with your own, you may do so. However, you must remove your branding before returning the scooter to us. If we have to remove your branding, labor will be charged at $75/h, billable in 4 minute increments ($5 per 4 minutes). Furthermore, if any of our decals are damaged, each decal shall be billed at $5/decal to remove and replace.


If your crew is too busy to pick up and drop off the scooters, delivery is available at $30/hr ($0.50/min) total travel time per scooter. Time is counted from when the scooter leaves the shop and arrives at your location, plus the time it takes for the MS representative to get back to the store by Uber plus the cost of the Uber. We deliver to any location in Greater Montreal.

For example, if it takes 20 minutes to drive the scooter(s) to your location, and another 20 minutes to take Uber back to Montreal Scooter, you will be charged $20/scooter (40 minutes * $0.50/min) + cost of the Uber for the delivery. If you wish for them to be picked up, you will be charged another $20/scooter for the pickup, for a total of $40/scooter + Uber costs.