List of Damages (Honda Metropolitan)


The gas scooters we rent are 2 wheeled plated vehicles with a top speed of 70 km/h and enough power to slide the rear wheel in dusty or wet conditions. Renting a scooter carries more risk than renting a car. The incident rate of a two-wheeled vehicle is much higher than that of a car, and extra care must be taken to avoid any collisions or accidents. Even a minor fall where the rider is not injured but the side of the scooter scrapes the pavement can cause damage upwards of $250 if multiple body panels are scraped.

The highest rate of incidents occur when a group of friends convinces one of their friends who has never ridden a scooter before to join them. The rookie feels pressure to "keep pace" with their friends, becomes overwhelmed, and makes a mistake leading to a slide or minor crash. The driver usually escapes unhurt or perhaps with a few minor scrapes, a few hundred dollars poorer, and with a bruised ego. Worse, this driver will often never scoot again due to their bad first experience. This is a shame, because scooting is extremely easy to learn and safe when the proper precautions are taken.

Montreal Scooter suggests that if you have never ridden a scooter before, come alone, with another friend who has never scooted before, or with an experienced friend who is willing to be patient with you until you get up to speed. The incident rate of 2 friends who have never scooted before is almost nil because they can go at their own pace and usually become advanced scooterists by the end of their rental.

Traffic and Parking violations

All traffic and parking violations are the responsibility of the renter.  All violations must be reported to Montreal Scooter upon return of the scooter.  All undeclared violations will be charged to the Renter in addition to a $100 processing and non-declaration fee.

Damaged Items

Montreal Scooter is an honest company that depends on honest customers to report their damage in order to keep providing a premium scooting experience at an affordable price. In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident causing damage, you must declare all damage, however minor, to Montreal Scooter. If the damage is extremely minor, Montreal Scooter will often waive the charge due to your honesty. During busy times or during a late night drop off, minor damage can often be hard to detect, especially in poor lighting conditions. In these cases, Montreal Scooter will inspect the scooter the following morning. If you attempt to deceive Montreal Scooter by not declaring damage, MS has up to 48 hours to inspect the scooter and charge the damage to your credit card in addition to a $100 processing and non-declaration fee. Any renter guilty of non-declaration will be blacklisted and not permitted to rent from Montreal Scooter again.

Here is a list of some items most likely to be damaged. This list is not complete and if items are damaged that are not on this list, Montreal Scooter shall produce online pricing of the part and approximate labor to repair or remove/replace the damaged part. A lesser amount may be charged if item is damaged but reparable or still functional. Prices include labor at $60/hr but do not include tax. Items in bold are the most frequently damaged or lost items.

  • Front Fender A - $125

  • Front Fender B - $50

  • Front Wheel - $225

  • Headlight Unit - $150 (even if only scratched, whole unit must be replaced)

  • Headlight Cover - $100

  • Steering Stem - $150

  • Mirror - $25

  • Left Brake Lever - $25

  • Right Brake Lever - $25

  • Leg shield - $200 (usually only one side is scratched in which case a $100 fee will apply since we generally do not replace this part until both sides are scratched)

  • Inner Basket - $80

  • Water Bottle Holder - $20

  • Floorboard - $150 (usually part of this will get scratched with the lower side cover - if this happens and the rest of the floorboard is ok, you will only be charged $50 - if the floorboard is cracked anywhere, the full $150 charge will apply)

  • Left/Right Lower Side Cover - $75

  • Center Body Cover - $75

  • Seat - $150

  • Rear Body Cover - $75

  • Left/Right Body Cover - $150

  • Muffler cover - $60

  • Rear Fender - $150

  • Rear Wheel - $225

  • GPS holder - $100 (if one of the arms is bent but the rest is ok, then a $50 charge will apply)

  • Windshield - $200 (if this is scratched due to a fall but does not actually crack you will only be charged $100-$125 depending on the severity of the scratches and whether it affects vision)

  • Bent Key - $20 (a key cannot be safely bent back because this weakens it and increases the risk of it breaking off in the ignition)

  • Brown Rear Basket with Inner Liner - $100

  • Rear Honda Trunk - $150 ($75 if scratched)

  • MOMO MS Helmet Visor - $100

  • Brembo B-Jet Helmet Visor - $100

  • iPhone SE 32GB cracked screen - $250 (this includes the time it takes to bring it to Apple for replacement)

Lost Items

  • GPS Holder Rubber Grip - $5

  • Registration Wallet - $40

  • Key - $150

  • Key Chain - $30

  • Rear Honda Trunk Key - $75

  • Scooter Lock - $50

  • Scooter Lock Key - $50, but you get to keep the Scooter Lock and Spare Key

  • MOMO MS Helmet - $300

  • Brembo B-Jet Helmet - $500

  • iPhone SE 32GB with Mophie Charger Case - $500

Group Rentals

Sometimes members within a group switch scooters either for fun or other reasons. Although not recommended, this action is not prohibited. However, please note that if someone other than yourself damages the scooter for which you have signed to ride and agreed to use in a safe and appropriate manner, it will be your responsibility to organize payment to Montreal Scooter for the necessary repairs. Usually, the person responsible for the damage will agree to pay them. However, if the person responsible for the damages refuses to pay for the necessary repairs, the costs will be charged to the credit card on file associated with the respective scooter. In other words, the damages will be charged to the signed renter of the damaged scooter even if the renter is not directly responsible for an incident causing damage to the scooter. It will then be the responsibility of the signed renter to come to terms with the member of the group that caused the actual damage. It is for this reason that Montreal Scooter highly suggests not switching scooters among your group, but if you choose to do so, to have a verbal agreement within your group that if someone damages a scooter other than the one originally assigned to them, the person damaging the scooter will be responsible for the charges.  A group is defined as 2 or more renters.

Groups of 6+

A large group often will call asking for a discount. Montreal Scooter does not offer a discount for large groups for the following reasons:

  1. Large groups are actually more difficult to handle, especially if other clients are booked to begin or end their rental at the same time. This often causes us to make clients wait, which is something we hate to do.

  2. Large groups often arrive late and therefore actually take up an average of 30-45 minutes more time than the "booked" time that we actually charge the group. Even if some of the group arrives on time, the rental does not begin until the last person arrives.

  3. There is usually at least a few people in the group who have never been on a scooter that feel pressured to keep pace with the more experienced riders. This increases the odds of damage to a scooter.

  4. There is often a "party" atmosphere with a large group that often causes riders to let their guard down, which in turn increases the odds of damage to a scooter.

Montreal Scooter highly recommends groups of 5 or less for your scooter adventure. If you have 6 or more, Montreal Scooter recommends that you split into 2 smaller groups for safety purposes.